Cost Effective Speciality Ingredients

Monday, October 13, 2014

ADM will present its diverse ingredients portfolio including its range of cost - effective functional soya protein products Textura and Clarisoy along with their range of high quality lecithins. ADM cocoa will also highlight its vast range of premium cocoa ingredients for industrial customers.


ADM’s stand will feature the popular range of Textura™ products, a great source of high-quality protein, fibre and whole grains. This new line of nutritious protein crisps is ideal for manufacturers looking to formulate healthy snacks with unique consumer appeal. Depending on the needs of the individual product formulations, ADM’s Textura crisps can be customised to meet specific nutritional profiles by adding exotic flavors, vibrant colours and interesting textures. Textura crisps are highly cost-effective and can be easily incorporated by manufacturers to enhance the nutrient content, texture and flavour of a wide variety of products, including cereal bars, cereals and other healthy snacks.



Another important focus at this year’s event is ADM’s CLARISOY™ isolated soya protein range which enables protein fortification in beverage systems. As the world’s first vegetable-based protein offering clarity and high quality protein nutrition, the CLARISOY line has been specifically designed for use in low-pH beverage applications, including sports and recovery drinks.



Also featured will be ADM’s non-genetically modified (non-GMO) range of lecithins. Available in a variety of formats, these ingredients provide excellent emulsification properties in reduced fat and flavour-sensitive applications, as well as improving dispersibility of instant foods. ADM’s range of consistent, high quality lecithins can be used in a variety of food applications, including confectionery, baked goods, dairy and snack products to help promote even blending, reduce hardening and improve texture.



Visitors to the ADM stand can also learn about the company’s Arcon® range of functional soya proteins, including Arcon F, Arcon G and Arcon FS. This growing portfolio of high quality functional soya protein concentrates can deliver a number of nutritional, economical and functional benefits in a variety of meat products, including canned meats, which will be available at the stand to sample.



ADM Cocoa will also highlight its deZaan™ brand of cocoa and chocolate at ADM’s stand. deZaan™ products deliver consistent and sustainable products synonymous with indulgent chocolate flavor for use in compound coatings, bakery and dairy applications, ice creams, cereals, dry beverages and mixes.



Ideal for applications requiring intense flavour and visual appeal, D11SQ, D21CE and D23DL are part of deZaan’s cocoa powder collection. D11SQ reduced-fat cocoa powder fits well within ADM Cocoa’s ‘Less is More’ program and is highly compatible with bakery applications and compound coatings. D21CE is suitable for ice cream solutions, while D23DL achieves fine chocolate flavour in desserts. During this year’s Gulfood, deZaan™ experts will present innovative cocoa ingredient development approaches for compound coatings.



Drawing on the rich heritage and technical expertise of deZaan™, ADM Cocoa will also present its recently launched deZaan™ Gourmet line. Varying in levels of cocoa solids and countries of origin, the deZaan™ Gourmet line includes Belgian chocolates, a single-origins range and responsibly sourced cocoa, and is aimed at artisan bakers and chefs looking to achieve an expert finish.



ADM Cocoa’s unique S.E.R.A.P.™ program brings sustainable cocoa products to the market through deZaan cocoa powders and Unicao cocoa masses. The SERAP Program rewards West African and Indonesian cooperatives and farmers committed to implementing sustainable practices and encouraging collaboration among growers.



ADM recently announced an agreement to sell its global chocolate business. ADM cocoa will continue to supply customers around the world with ADM’s renowned deZaan™ cocoa ingredients from the company’s cocoa operations around the world.

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