Changing Demands Drives Evolution Of Food Factories

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Food Factory of the Future: vision by UFT


The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations estimates food production will need to increase 70% by 2050 in order to feed the world population. This will place huge demand on food manufacturing factories to massively increase capacity. But is that the full story? What exactly does the future hold for the food processing industry? Will tomorrow’s food factory look like something from an episode of Star Trek or the Jetsons? From the 9th-11th November at Gulfood Manufacturing, The Food Factory of the Future by UFT, will showcase the technologies being developed now that will be turning science fiction into science fact!



UFT believes that the food factory of the future will look and function in a very different way with innovations in space utilization, processing yields, hygiene controls and waste management all contributing to a faster, more efficient, cleaner and more eco-friendly factory.  


Continuous processing equipment innovations will deliver processing efficiencies that a few years ago would have been impossible to achieve.  New, innovative racking systems will ensure the factory of the future requires far less warehouse space. And, although it sounds difficult to believe, factories in the future will be able to achieve 0% waste emissions, minimizing their carbon footprint and arresting the flow of waste to landfill.


Gerhard Vogt, Managing Director of UFT, says that by adopting innovative technology also allows for a much shorter factory development time.  “By applying the latest food factory technology, UFT can now deliver and commission a new food factory within 6 – 8 months, instead of the standard 18 – 24 months.”


The food factory of the future will therefore not only look and operate differently, it will also be developed much faster, have a substantially reduced eco footprint and will process products in an ultra-hygienic environment.


Visitors to Gulfood Manufacturing (GFM) will be able to step forward in time and take a look inside The Food Factory of the Future where UFTs design and process experts have shared their vision of tomorrow and what manufacturing excellence really could look like. An experiential, interactive, walk through factory tour will touch each stage of the manufacturing process and explore the technologies coming over the horizon.

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